Title:A Study of Resources Management and Access Control

Author:Mr. Khuba C Rathod Research Scholar, GES’s College of Education and Research, Parel, Mumbai-12 Email id: khubarathod@gmail.com Mobile No – 09860180037, and Mrs. Kavita S Thakur Research Scholar, Mumbai B.Ed College for Women, Wadala (E), Mumbai -37 E-Mail

Keywords:information system, access control, security model, massive environmental


Abstract:Access control is concerned with determining the allowed activities of legitimate users, mediating every attempt by a user to access a resource in the system. In some systems, complete access is granted after successful authentication of the user, but most systems require more sophisticated and complex control. each resource on a system to which access should be controlled, referred to as an object, has its own associated list of mappings between the set of entities requesting access to the resource and the set of actions that each entity can take on the resource. Access control policies are enforced through a mechanism that translates a user’s access request, often in terms of a structure that a system provides. An access control list is a familiar example of an access control mechanism. Access control models bridge the gap in abstraction between policy and mechanism. Rather than attempting to evaluate and analyze access control systems exclusively at the mechanism level, security models are usually written to describe the security properties of an access control system. As systems grow in size and complexity, access control is a special concern for systems that are distributed across multiple computers.Many organizations now understand, or meet, their compliance requirements.


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