Title:Smart Economy based on Cardless India

Author:Mr.Akash Purswani (SY B.Sc. IT) Emailid: ap140995@gmail.com

Keywords:Crux Model and Algorithm, Green Computing, System Thinking, Different Communication Model AES Algorithm.


Abstract:In today’s world the various kinds of problems faced by all human beings is due to lack of existing and proven standard in IOT inventions. As our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started implemented the concept of CashLess India, so my research topic is incepted from it. I am basically trying to provide an idea through the use of CardLess Economy to basically save our Environment and also to avoid the difficulties faced because of it. People will be shocked to know that most of the wars in between nations have been due to simple reason of mis-communication. Understanding this simple problem is beyond human intelligence. As our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is making a plan of “Smart and Digital India” and as a part of it “Demonetisation” of high denomination notes "is not the end but the beginning of our deep and continuous struggle against black money". As such the idea of it is to reach the end consumers in rural and urban area has become a big challenge mainly (low economic group). In our Paper we are focusing to produce a “smart Strategy Model” to overcome basic problems faced by human by making everything through the use of IOT. The barriers of the concepts by using Johari Model and we are developing “CruxModel”. This Paper is also Focusing on Digitization Technique for unreachable sectors the solution to the problem will be provided by Traditional and Technical ways. CardLess will make our country to maintain the easier way of transaction and to provide security we are also using Advanced Algorithms.


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