Title:Green House Optimization Based on IOT Techniques

Author:Author 1:Ms.Maria Achary[Asst.Professor], maria.achary@vsit.edu.in Vidyalankar School of Information Technology Author 2:Mr.Onkar BabanSherkar[TYBSCIT] Onkar.sherkar@gmail.com & Author 3: Ms.RiddhiMadhusudanJadhav riddhi.j.0819@gmail.com[TYBSCIT] Vidyala

Keywords:. Temperature sensor (LM35) or Thermistor,Light sensor (LDR) , Moisture sensor,PIC,Liquid Crystal Display,Actuators – Relays Devices controlled


Abstract:As in Today’s World due to increase in Technology we can focus on different sector of area.In our paper we have focused on Agriculture sector as we know how much it is important in everyone life .But these sector has been faced lack of problems based on environmental change andpollution.Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economic activity and our experience during the last 50 years has demonstrated the strong correlation between agricultural growth and economic prosperity. The present agricultural scenario is a mix of outstanding achievements and missed opportunities. If India has to emerge as an economic power in the world, our agricultural productivity should equal those countries, which are currently rated as economic power of the world. We need a new and effective technology which can improve continuously the productivity, profitability, sustainability of our major farming systems so we have focused on IOT concepts also. One such technology is the green house technology. Although it is centuries old, it is new to India.Greenhouses are framed or inflated structures covered with transparent materials to grow plants under partial or full controlled environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity. We are also planning for Spybot using IOT of early indication of problems which is very new in our country and trying to develop Cloud info of itand it also will improve seasonal factor,High growth rate and life span of plants.


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