Title:Smart Home and IoT-based Building Automation

Author:Prof. Arun Shaikh H.O.D,Dept of Computer Science Maharashtra College Mumbai, India. Email: arunshaikh@yahoo.com and Hanna Saadya Shaikh MSc-IT, KC College Mumbai, India Shaikh.saadya@gmail.com

Keywords:Smart home technology, Smart home system, Security, Automation, Standardization, Universal Model, Artificial Intelligence, Home Intelligence


Abstract:A smart home (sometimes referred to as a smart house or eHome) is one that has highly advanced automatic systems. A smart home appears "intelligent" because its computer systems can monitor many aspects of daily life. It is based on a universal implementation model for the smart home. The “Home Intelligence” (HI) module of the smart home, offers important added-value to the intelligent behavior of the smart-home environment. The HI creates an integrated environment in which the Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanism can infer and suitably react according to changing conditions and events. By identifying abnormal or unexpected events and, when necessary alerting the home’s occupants, the AI module can provide an immediate automatic response if desired. This not only improves the quality of life but also makes it feasible for people to live a normal life. It integrates of many new technologies through home networking for improving human’s quality of living, so there have many projects researching in diverse technologies to apply to the smart home system. Accordingly, this paper reviews various topics on smart home technologies from surveying for smart home research projects. In this paper we focus on making life of people with disabilities with ease of use in every days use.


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