Title:Assessment of Wireless Technologies for deployment in Intelligent Transportation System based on Internet of Things

Author:Jahan Ali1, Munirul Hasan1, Muhammad Nomani Kabir1, Yasser M. Alginahi*2, 1Faculty of computer systems & software engineering, University Malaysia Pahang, Gambang 26300, Pahang, Malaysia

Keywords:Wireless Sensor Network (WSN);Intelligent Transportation System (ITS);IoT;ZigBee; MAC protocol; Energy efficiency


Abstract:Use of Internet of Things (IoT) with modern wireless network is a trend of the emerging technologiesfor different systems which can be deployed in various kinds of environment to monitor, communicate withor control the associated elements in the system. The activities e.g., monitoring and communication by IoT can play an important role to designanIntelligent Transportation System (ITS). In this paper, we assess the suitability ofIoT enabled wireless technology to be used forITS. We performed some comparative study to find the best wireless technology that provides reliability, low cost, less power consumption and less data latency for next generation ITS.This technology will reduce energy consumption of the deployed IoT devices as well as ensure safety, efficiency and convenient for transportation systems.


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