Title:Network Management & Security – A methodology to channel the breaches of all epoch

Author:Er. Prashant Saxena

Keywords:Interconnected, Internet, Intranet, Management, Network, Security, Users.


Abstract:Network means an interconnected group or Different objects connected through a medium in a respective area. The term Management is very described which means the process of dealing with or controlling things or people or devices etc. When we combine both the term Network and Management together it gives a definition which refers to a broad subject of managing computer networks. To manage computer networks variety of hardware and software are required which helps system administrator to manage the network. Security of Network has become further vital to individual computer users, establishments, and the defense. With the initiation of the internet, security became a foremost worry and the antiquity of security permits a healthier empathetic of the arrival of security tools. The internet arrangement itself endorsed for many security terrorizations to transpire. The construction of the internet, when revised can condense the imaginable rounds that can be sent across the network. Expressing the attack approaches, permits for the suitable security to appear.


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