Author:Shalini puniya

Keywords:Internet of things (IoT), Smart cities, online intelligence, cyber technologies, urban development.


Abstract:The Internet of Things is about installing sensors (RFID, GPS, laser scanners, etc.) for everything, and connecting them to the internet for information exchange and communications, in order to achieve intelligent recognition, location, tracking, monitoring and management. This paper describes the importance of online intelligence which helps in developing smart cities in the country. Smart city represents one of the most promising, prominent and challenging internet of things (IoT) applications in the last few years. Itincludes a high degree of information technology integration and a comprehensive application of information resources. A city whose network is a combination of internet, telecommunication, broadcast network, wireless broadband network and other sensor network is supposed to be a smart city itself. Main challenges in any of the normal city are population growth, increased vehicular traffic, increased water & electricity usage, infrastructure of buildings, roads, sewage, health and services etc. many smart city projects represent the aggregation of cyber-technologies to assist in solving cities’ challenges through IOT. We see the internet of things as a key enabler in the transformation towards smart cities in order to enhance the use of public resources, to increase the quality of services offered to citizens while reducing operational cost. The essential components of urban development for a smart city should include smart technology, smart industry, smart services, smart management and smart life.


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