Title:Internet - A Platform for Successful Crowdfunding through Social Media - A Case Study of Seeds Foundationq

Author:Dr. Sirajuddin Chougle

Keywords:internet; crowdfunding; targeted audience; Seeds Foundation


Abstract:Crowdfunding is an internet based funding actitvity which can be done independently or with the help of crowdfunding websites which charge fees/commission.Crowdfunding a project through internet has become easy. It either can be for business purpose or for chairatable cause. In both the cases the target audieance can be reached. Greater is the internet penetration, greater will be the reach and better the results. Seeds Foundation has a record of four years of crowdfunding since 2013. It has selectively targeted the appeals to reach to the audience on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp. The results have been encouraging with a collection of rupees fifty three lakhs over a period of four years benefiting fifity one people and an average success collection percentage of ninety two.


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